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How to contribute

(Whose 'WORK' are you talking about?- see FAQ)
  1. MAKE your contribution (photo, sound clip, video clip, drawing, text or whatever). 
  2. PUBLISH it online (onto your blog, to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr or other video/photo sharing website, to Soundcloud for sound clips, or anywhere else ‘public’).
  3. EMAIL the link to us at and we will add your contribution to the site ASAP.
(What exactly is a ‘contribution’? - see FAQ)
Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to come up with and produce a contribution to LOW PROFILE’s new, on-going and ever-growing compendium HAVE YOU SEEN OUR WORK?
These contributions can be in any format publishable online. If you want to make something that exists in the ‘real world’ (an object or thing), you can. You’ll just need to find a way to document it (a photograph or video clip maybe?) so it can be published online too. Your contribution could be something quite lo-fi and charming, something big-budget and spectacular or something completely different. It is your opportunity to make something in response to what you ‘saw’.
Maybe there's a way to capture something of ‘what went on’ in the piece of work you saw. You could make a drawing or write a review. You could get a child to describe the work, or describe it yourself. You could explain it to a dead hare or to someone at a bustop. You could upload a picture you took on your mobile phone. You could make a jingle or a tiny animation. You could take a photo of yourself wearing a badge. You could use what you remember of the text, the actions, the objects, the aesthetic or whatever. Think short. Think something you’d enjoy doing and something achievable.
  • USE WHATEVER YOU'VE GOT TO HAND - your webcam, stills camera, mobile phone, a pen and paper, your computer keyboard, existing footage, text, photos, whatever...
  •  GET HELP FROM WHEREVER YOU CAN - enlist your friends, the people you work with, your mum, your local cheerleading team, whoever you can rope in to help you...   
  • INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION - your name and any title you’d like to give your contribution. Think up some ‘tags’ you would use to help identify the contribution – existing tags include the year in which people remember seeing the work, its title, or details they specifically remember like ginger cookies/yellow macs/megaphones/fear/laughter etc. 
  • CREDITS – wherever you publish or share your contribution please reference the source of any text/material (eg: Source: ) and include this link "For more information: "
  • DON'T WAIT - like the bad people from Nike say, Just Do It. The sooner you make this contribution, the more widely it can be circulated. You can always make a second, third or fourth one if you don't like the first one. Try and get it done and posted as soon as you can.  
We understand that you are a very busy person. We both know how that feels. If you simply don’t have time to make a contribution right now, please signal your interest by adding your pledge to the list below. All you need to include is your name, what you are thinking of responding to and a vague idea of what you might make.
We look forward to hearing from you!     ++++ 
Have you ever seen any part of LOW PROFILE’s work?    Maybe the performance where they watched MacGyver for 18 hours, or the one where they tried to memorise a long list of love songs off by heart? Maybe you saw them present some work in progress, heard them talk about their work, have read something they have written or have one of the bookworks that they distribute at every live performance?
Do you remember the Ant and Dec dance? – the one at Plymouth Arts Centre that was awful, or the one at the Arnolfini that was slightly better?
Did you catch Hannah hiding in that photographic darkroom?
Have you ever given us an emergency to add to one of our scales? Offered us one of your skipping rhymes or brought us a coffee or a cake to ‘keep us going’ during a long durational effort?
Did you see us perform one of our ‘for one night only LOW PROFILE’ works? The one where we were the round girls of a boxing match? Or maybe you were there on that New Years Eve where we said (and waved) goodbye and hello to people, places, our hopes or your dreams?   
If you have ever seen our work, or think you might have seen it, or have heard about it, read about it, been told about it, or maybe have a bit of it– we need your help!
‘Have You Seen Our Work’ is a growing collection of material/bits and pieces/stuff that people who are not us (LOW PROFILE) are making (have made/have pledged to make) in response to having ‘seen our work’.  
The collection of responses (although currently small) is wide and varied and for us, this is really exciting. We would like it very much if you would contribute your own response/s to the collection so that it can continue to grow and become even more wide-ranging.
The type of response that you may make could range from writing a comment about something you saw, making a drawing, writing a review, uploading the picture you took on your mobile phone, making your own ‘cover version’ / ‘remix’ of a piece or much much more…  
While we are working out how to make this site really beautiful and fully intuitive, please email us your contribution (or pledge to contribute) to lowprofilepresents | at | hotmail | dot | com. We will then post these contributions onto the site for others to enjoy and share.